Write Here


Write Here was created to allow people to write in an online app instead of worrying about whether they had the right software or whether they were working on their latest draft. Anyone can sign up and get writing, with the ability to organise your work into notebooks, each with their own chapters. The idea takes a lot of inspiration from software such as Scrivener and Celtx but moves it online.

How the site was born

Buster Benson and his site, 750words.com served for much of the inspiration, both in terms of features and design, but where 750words provides a space for people to write daily, about anything, in a somewhat unstructured way, with no way to go back or organise their writing it was far from ideal for someone working on a creative project.

I looked around for a similar site for writers, but couldn't find one. So I rolled up my sleeves and started with the intention that I would write a web app anyone could host on their own web server (still an intention at some point). I realised fairly early on that most people, let alone most writers, wouldn't know how to do this, so figured I would make it a web app anyone could sign up for.

Why all the stats?

Partly because it appeals to the geeky side of my nature, but mainly because they're a great way to motivate yourself. I (and many others) have found a daily target to be a great way to motivate myself to write. The chain idea is a related trick, notably I've heard Jerry Seinfeld uses a big wall calendar and puts an X on each day he writes, creating a chain puts pressure on you to maintain it. They're simple ploys and I'm not saying they're the answer to your writing woes, but hopefully they'll help make us more productive. Plus, you can let other people see them via your public profile page (if you wish) so they can get on your case.