Write Here

Write here, write there, write anywhere

You never know where inspiration will strike, or when a moment to write will present itself, usually not when you're sat waiting to type into your favourite application. Write Here lets you write wherever your are (okay, so you need an internet connection, for now).

More than that, though, we know the power of benchmarking yourself to encourage you to get pen to paper (metaphorically), so we've added stats to let you (and other people if you want to share them) track your progress.

Check out the features:

  • Write in any modern web browser, accessible wherever you are, no need to sync your versions, always work on the latest one
  • Distraction-free fullscreen writing mode
  • Set a daily target to help you reach goals
  • Keep track of your progress, use the stats to motivate you
  • Share your progress with the world via your profile page (or not, you decide)
  • Create notebooks relating to each body of work
  • Create sections/chapters within each notebook to help organise and break it down into manageable chunks
  • Auto-saves your work
  • Drag and drop re-ordering of sections, in-place rename
  • Export your work at any time

Just take a look:

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